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How we can help

Through the use of some safe adjustment techniques, we can help your body to readjust for the center of gravity shift so that all of your bones can move properly, relieving a lot of the pressure and discomfort.

You're expecting - that's great!

Breech births

There are many joys that can come along with expecting a child: seeing them for the first time on the ultrasound, feeling the first time they kick, watching your belly grow as they do. But a lot of women have lower back pain or sciatica when pregnant. We can help!

Contact us today to learn about Webster's technique and how we use it with an 80% success rate to turn a breech baby so they are ready for normal delivery.

Find out how you can experience a more comfortable pregnancy

Discomfort and pressure

Have you ever noticed how many women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester tend to lean back more when they stand? This is the body's attempt to compensate for the change in its center of gravity. This can cause bones to move in unconventional ways, creating pressure and discomfort.

comfortable pregnancy thorugh safe adjustment techniques